We don’t need any *help* as such, after all, we’re capable of doing everything. But, having a person around who does care for you totally brightens up your world by a significant markup. You’ll know no matter how times you break, that person will stay holding your hand as you lift yourself up. Not that you need him to do so, but having him beside gives you a warmth only your heart can understand.
You’d be tired, and a hug from that person would drive you to peace, releasing out all your worries. Not that you need to be told that you’re strong, but a smile from that person can always instill in you H O P E. ❤



No matter how many storms I face,
What keep me going is knowing
*I’ll always return home to you.*

Burying my head in your chest
Is like drowning in carnations
Where all my worries fly away
And the fragrance of your body
Gets me high,
On your love.

You’re my escape,
When my heart’s a blunder in pain,
Your embrace is what makes me
An unwavering soul!

What if?

What if you wrapped me in your arms,
At all those times I was searching for a home,

What if you saved me from all the thorns,
That kept digging holes me,
Flowing out blood, drop by drop.

What if you unraveled my fears and held me tight,
Being my escape from the daunting nights,

What if our inevitable fate was never drawn,
And we never parted,

You? What if you stood by me, whilst all the storms,
Being my protective fence,
Or just held my hand while I fought with everything myself,

You were all I dreamt of,
What if I too, was all you ever needed?

Come, let your soul find peace in me.

I know you’re tired,
Come, fall asleep in my arms, darling!

I know you’re fighting and breaking,
With a heavy heart full of pain,
But know that you’re always on the path of healing!
Come, let your soul find peace,
So when you wake up tomorrow,
You no longer will feel the same,
And chaos shall leave your way!
Breathe out your fears,
Come hold my hand and face the world,
For you shall see this time,
The embarkment of a sunshine!
Trust me, things will go well this time,
Even if they don’t,
Come back to me and I’ll instill hopes in you,
Again and again,
Till the time you realize,
You’re blazing fire!
Nothing can blow out your flames!
Keep going darling, rise up above it all,
And you shall find yourself dancing in space,
Your name shall last in the books,
Of “people who never gave up”,
For a thousand years and beyond,
What victory is greater than that?
No more goodbyes to happiness darling,
Say hello to the shining light!

Speak up.

How many tears do those innocent souls need to shed,
To make those heartless people realize,
The shit they say and do, hurts!

People sometimes have no idea about how deep the words they say, can go. They can slit someone’s heart, and pierce their very soul! Never say something which you have the slightest idea that it can hurt someone. We’re humans here, can we practice a bit more humanity? Let’s not be insensitive at least!

And if you face such things, please speak up against it. Let them know the shit they say and do, hurts. Let them know you’ve done nothing to deserve it.
Let them know they’ve no right to steal your happiness. You’re a soul meant to live out in open, and not cry behind those closed doors. You have emotions but let them not break you.

I’m absolutely intolerant to such shit, and so should you. Don’t give anyone the right to make you feel unworthy or useless.

You touched me right!

I knew you were the one,
When you touched me right.

I was swayed when I saw the concern in you,
You feared touching me,
For the very first time!
What if I felt uncomfortable? You thought.
You then tried to wrap me in your arms,
Most tenderly, attempting to bring me at ease,
When you yourself, were afraid,
Shivers down your spine!
You held me so gently,
Like embracing a child,
Making sure I felt right,
I sensed it all in you,
That’s when a hurricane of emotions ran down,
Reaching almost everywhere in me,
Fireflies in my heart danced around,
And I knew you were the one for me!

He ❤

He loves me,
Sometimes I love him too,
(That sometimes lasts a lifetime).

Soft, warm and pious!
A precise meaning to once hollow words!

He’d dance with me through the sunny days
And cry with me in the tormenting nights
Would hold me from my waist,
Only to lift me high,
The one for whom I could thank fortune a million times!

He’s the kind who never asked me to get a shelter when it rains,
But someone who wanted to get drenched along.
Who kissed my wounds before my lips,
Who made love to my soul before my body,
And ever since, he’s been my only home.

Leibster award 2018

I was nominated by iscriblr for this award.
Thank you for considering me. 🙂

Check out her blog, she’s amazing ❤❤

What is the leibster award?
(Leibster means sweetheart, beloved, darling)
It has been invented to support new bloggers like me to get noticed in the world of blogging.

Here are the answers I was supposed to do:

1. How did you start blogging?

It was a long time I was writing out things, and tried weaving them into poems. I thought I could try my chance in sharing what I wrote with the world, that’s when blogging came into the picture and ever since, I’ve been supported and appreciated, which has helped me grow. ❤ Blogging is now a very big part of my life.

2. Your stand point on your blogger friends.

They’re indeed very supportive and kind. A big credit goes to them for their honest feedbacks and appreciation that lifted me up at times I felt low. I’ve kept screenshots of appreciations and I look at them often, which makes me feel so good ❤

3. How do you feel when you receive blogging awards?

Honestly, this is my first nomination, but I’m sure if ever I receive one, I’ll be on the top of the world!

4. What keeps you motivated about blogging?

The support I get from my blogger friends, my own will to do better everyday and grow as much as I can, does the work of motivation for me!

5. Is it really possible to earn from the blogs? If yes, how would you like to do it?

I believe it indeed is possible, I haven’t tried it yet. Blogging creates a base and a root for all the budding and future authors.

6. What is the one thing if given a chance, you would grab it and never leave?

The chance to be with the people I love and care about for a lifetime and never face separation.

7. What is the final destination or goal you’re aiming at and want to achieve no matter what?

I have a few dreams which I’m chasing every single moment. I’m working for them as best as I can and their achievement is what I seek as the final destination for a stage in life. Even after that, I’ll never stop dreaming and achieving. ❤

Disclaimer: Please choose the same questions to answer. There is no compulsion in doing this, if you want you can do. I’d love if you go for it though.

1. Write about it on your blog and thank the person who nominated you. Do tag him/her. Write about their blog too.
2. Display the award on your blog.
3. Nominate 5 to 11 people who you think deserve to receive this award and who have less than 250 followers.
4. Let the nominees know you have nominated them.

P.s. Notify the nominees and provide a link to your post so that they’ll know what to do. Once you’re done come back here and comment with the link so that I can check out yours.

Thank you iscriblr for nominating me.

I nominate:


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The things I Write


Step out

Step out and you’ll see your life has much more to offer,
Go, witness the beauty of some forbidden lands,
This world you’ll then see will take your breaths away,
Might seem complex,
But as you walk over the bed of leaves and explore,
You’ll see it has a lap for you,
Ready to caress you and dress your bleeding wounds,
All with the incessant love it holds in!

A ceaseless maize it seems,
But the one which gets you lost,
Only to discover the truest form of your soul
You wander around in search of answers,
This place I’m talking about, has it all,
It’s beauty traps you in an interminable amaze,
And this is where you’ll find your ways,
To return home.

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