How to stop negative thinking.

First off, it’s okay to have negative thoughts, we all have them, it’s normal. Everyone has both the devil and the angel in them, sometimes the devil grows stronger and sometimes it’s the other way round. But you know by the name itself that negative thoughts are negative, so it’s okay to have them but not good. Now imagine a situation. In a corner of your mind, there are two warriors, one is powerful and other one is a bit scared (or as much scared as you are). Let’s name them Mr. Negative and Mr. Positive, since we’re talking about negative thoughts, let’s name the powerful warrior as Mr. Negative.

Now, the scared warrior, our Mr. Positive lies there defeated, our mission is simple, to feed and train Mr. Positive so much so that it gets up, fights Mr. Negative, defeats him and rules the kingdom of your mind. I know it might sound stupid, but no harm in talking nonsense which develops into some sense later, right?
So now you’re aware of your basic task, but how to do it? Here are some ways, which if you try will work (only if you allow them).

— Say *Stop* whenever you encounter a negative thought. You’ll be flooded with negative thoughts, so you need to be willing to stop them, remember Mr. Negative only grows stronger if you don’t fight him. Stopping is going to be difficult, you’ll fail more times than you’ll actually succeed, but you just have to stick to your goal and keep asking Mr. Negative to stop until he finally does.

— Question back your negative thoughts and you’ll realize, all of them are just your fears and none of them is true. Say when you get the negative thought that you aren’t capable of anything in life, question it back and remind it of all the things you have and that life itself is full of opportunities and possibilities. We’re capable of a lot of things, we all are. Tell your negative side that you’ll prove it wrong.

— Have a set of beliefs, the ones which are true and not the ones your mind tells you. Say for example, a belief that real beauty lies in the heart and a face no matter how ugly or beautiful, doesn’t matter. Your mind will tell you that it isn’t so, because our society favours beautiful people. But let me tell you, the whole society is wrong and your that one belief is right. So all you gotta do is, stick to that belief and keep believing in it. Have more such beliefs, have a sense of your own being, get to know what’s right and hold on to that, strongly.

— Stop getting affected by people and what they say. People, well they’re going to say shit just to make you feel down, that will in turn fill your mind with insecurities and negativity. So when you know their source, you know what you need to do – shut them off. Let them say whatever they want to, but if that makes you feel bad in any way, be strong enough to either walk away or if you can’t, then don’t allow your mind to get affected from it. Remember, you feel bad only when you allow yourself to.

— Don’t let the monster feel like a monster.
So when we said the powerful warrior is Mr. Negative, we now know to not call it powerful. Call it the weakest and the most useless part, the kind which only seeks you to stop growing. So you don’t have to allow it to feel like it’s something huge. It’s a mere rotten part in your head which is supposed to be thrown out.

— Look for ways that bring positivity in you, watch videos, talk to positive people, stay away from the ones who make you feel bad about yourself, develop confidence, practise meditation, keep yourself busy and find a purpose for your life. Give way to positivity, allow it to nurture growth in you, know that you can only rise when you want to, and when you do efforts for it. Nothing comes easy, you gotta get up and start acting. We all have our ways, and we can find endless more ways to help ourselves. Look out, take the first step, be determined and you shall be there soon.

Mental Health.

If mental problems were visible exactly like the physical ones,
head bleeding continuously,
depression causing severe cracks in head,
tears shining bright in red blood color,
anxiety making the victim look like a fish out of water,
maybe then people could realize,
how serious the problem is.

Let’s talk about mental health today. Nah, not the same thing about how important it is, how increasingly high are the mental problems these days and the like, we all have an idea of that. Let’s talk about how much ignorant we are. Let’s take two sides of it : Ignoring other people with mental problems and Ignoring ourselves. The first one, well being kind is the key to everything. You might be a saviour for someone by just a few kind words and a small kind deed. You can revive someone’s faith in humanity and give them reasons why they need to be alive because a lot of times, people actually fall out of hopes in themselves so they need it from the outside. That’s why I believe it’s never wrong to ask for help, and if someone’s asking you, do anything it takes because you never know how things are like for that person. I personally never ask for help, that’s how I am, I consider myself as a person who can handle things on her own, so when I actually need help, it’s in the worst case scenario. Hence if someone’s asking me for help, I can imagine how it is like for him, so can you. The biggest thing we can gift others is a part of ourselves, a kind deed from us without expecting anything in return because it’s a gift right? We can’t expect others to reciprocate what we do as kindness, that won’t be it then, it’s be barter or business.

Now that connects us to the second side of ignorance, well we do ignore ouselves. Most of the people don’t even know what’s wrong with them because they don’t get it diagnosed or aren’t enough aware about themselves. You’ll see a lot of people naming depression, and a lot others saying they don’t know why they are like the way they are, what is actually wrong with them, why do they keep feeling low and stuff. People most of the times drown in perpetual sadness, their mind falls out of control and eventually they fall trap to depression but they don’t even know if it’s depression. Healing begins at the point where you become aware about what needs to be done and why.

Make yourself imagine a world, where you’re happy, your mind has peace and you’re away from all the materialistic things your mind desires. An ideal world that would be, won’t it? Now to get yourself there, think about the things that stop you, as I already said, become aware. Taking chaos and the stuff into account, I know how difficult it is to reach to that level of peace, but you at least know your destination and your journey to it can be really uplifting. I personally don’t know what my destination is in this world but one of them is this one exactly which I talked about, mental peace. And I know how much I’m growing as I’m walking ahead on that journey, so can you. Dwell in deeper, get to know what things eventually are going to matter to you, and take one step at a time. Tell your mind you’re there with it, ask it to calm down when it panics which it most of the time would, even if it doesn’t, make the most of the chaos, I as a writer, get a lot of perspectives because of chaos and it proves out to be helpful for me, see what you can make of yours. Same way, keep moving ahead with whatever you have and make the most of your journey. Get to know if what you want temporarily is worth taking your mental peace away. Know where you are and what exactly you need to do. Hold yourself together. You’re not only gonna get through this, but you’ll grow up to be the person you’ll admire, don’t stop before you reach there. It’s tough, but you have your biggest support with you, that’s yourself. Think of you being an ideal person, with nothing wrong because you can always get things right. You’re not alone.

I’m a fighter who fights with no violence.

I get my fuel from the galaxies and the broken stars

And anything anyone throws at me

With an intent to bring me down.

Throw stones at me,
And I’ll make weapons from them,
It is what you give me,
That I make wonders from,
I’m the one who has constellations and galaxies,
Wandering live in her,
I’m the fighter, who fights with a sort of grace,
Not violence, not pain,
But Humanity.


We don’t need any *help* as such, after all, we’re capable of doing everything. But, having a person around who does care for you totally brightens up your world by a significant markup. You’ll know no matter how times you break, that person will stay holding your hand as you lift yourself up. Not that you need him to do so, but having him beside gives you a warmth only your heart can understand.
You’d be tired, and a hug from that person would drive you to peace, releasing out all your worries. Not that you need to be told that you’re strong, but a smile from that person can always instill in you H O P E. ❤


No matter how many storms I face,
What keep me going is knowing
*I’ll always return home to you.*

Burying my head in your chest
Is like drowning in carnations
Where all my worries fly away
And the fragrance of your body
Gets me high,
On your love.

You’re my escape,
When my heart’s a blunder in pain,
Your embrace is what makes me
An unwavering soul!

What if?

What if you wrapped me in your arms,
At all those times I was searching for a home,

What if you saved me from all the thorns,
That kept digging holes me,
Flowing out blood, drop by drop.

What if you unraveled my fears and held me tight,
Being my escape from the daunting nights,

What if our inevitable fate was never drawn,
And we never parted,

You? What if you stood by me, whilst all the storms,
Being my protective fence,
Or just held my hand while I fought with everything myself,

You were all I dreamt of,
What if I too, was all you ever needed?

Come, let your soul find peace in me.

I know you’re tired,
Come, fall asleep in my arms, darling!

I know you’re fighting and breaking,
With a heavy heart full of pain,
But know that you’re always on the path of healing!
Come, let your soul find peace,
So when you wake up tomorrow,
You no longer will feel the same,
And chaos shall leave your way!
Breathe out your fears,
Come hold my hand and face the world,
For you shall see this time,
The embarkment of a sunshine!
Trust me, things will go well this time,
Even if they don’t,
Come back to me and I’ll instill hopes in you,
Again and again,
Till the time you realize,
You’re blazing fire!
Nothing can blow out your flames!
Keep going darling, rise up above it all,
And you shall find yourself dancing in space,
Your name shall last in the books,
Of “people who never gave up”,
For a thousand years and beyond,
What victory is greater than that?
No more goodbyes to happiness darling,
Say hello to the shining light!

Speak up.

How many tears do those innocent souls need to shed,
To make those heartless people realize,
The shit they say and do, hurts!

People sometimes have no idea about how deep the words they say, can go. They can slit someone’s heart, and pierce their very soul! Never say something which you have the slightest idea that it can hurt someone. We’re humans here, can we practice a bit more humanity? Let’s not be insensitive at least!

And if you face such things, please speak up against it. Let them know the shit they say and do, hurts. Let them know you’ve done nothing to deserve it.
Let them know they’ve no right to steal your happiness. You’re a soul meant to live out in open, and not cry behind those closed doors. You have emotions but let them not break you.

I’m absolutely intolerant to such shit, and so should you. Don’t give anyone the right to make you feel unworthy or useless.

You touched me right!

I knew you were the one,
When you touched me right.

I was swayed when I saw the concern in you,
You feared touching me,
For the very first time!
What if I felt uncomfortable? You thought.
You then tried to wrap me in your arms,
Most tenderly, attempting to bring me at ease,
When you yourself, were afraid,
Shivers down your spine!
You held me so gently,
Like embracing a child,
Making sure I felt right,
I sensed it all in you,
That’s when a hurricane of emotions ran down,
Reaching almost everywhere in me,
Fireflies in my heart danced around,
And I knew you were the one for me!

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